North vs. South Battlefield Volleyball Classic Preview

North vs. South Battlefield Volleyball Classic Preview

Berea, KY - Berea College is set to host the 2015 USCAA North vs. South Battlefield Classic. This two day tournament will be held at the Seabury Center in Berea, KY. The Battlefield Classic will consist of three separate courts and each team will compete in a total of four matches during tournament play. On Friday, matches will be held at 4:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. The tournament will conclude on Saturday, with matches being played at 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 2:00 p.m.

Eight teams will be traveling to Berea, which will be the home team, for a total of nine. You can expect to see some extremely competitive matches based on the talent these teams possess. Five of the nine schools came into the season ranked in the top ten of the 2015 USCAA Preseason Poll, with Florida College receiving the number one position.
Based on the most recent USCAA standings, defending National Champions Florida College (10-3) is ranked sixth, Johnson & Wales – Charlotte (13-6) is ranked eighth and Carlow (10-5) is sitting in the ninth position. The rest of the field isn't far behind and will be looking to put up a fight against these higher ranked teams. The home team, Berea, is coming into the tournament with four consecutive wins and will be looking to keep that streak going. We look forward to seeing the teams, as well as the fans this weekend.

Friday, September 25th

Red Pool – Seabury Arena – Court 1
White Pool – Seabury Arena – Court 2
Blue Pool – Seabury Gymnasium (Upper Gym)


Red Pool                                                              White Pool                                         Blue Pool
Florida College                                                  UC-Clermont                                     Berea College
Concordia – AL                                                  Kentucky Christian                          Illinois Tech
Mary of the Wood                                           Carlow                                                  Johnson & Wales 


Red Court                                                            White Court                                       Blue Court
4:00        Mary/Wood vs. Florida                                  Carlow vs. UCC                                  JWU vs. Berea
6:00        Mary/Wood vs. Concordia                           KCU vs. Carlow                                  JWU vs. Ill Tech
8:00        Concordia vs. Florida                                      KCU vs. UCC                                       Ill Tech vs. Berea


Saturday, September 26th

Gold Pool (First-Place teams from each of Friday's pools) – Seabury Gymnasium (Upper Gym)
Silver Pool (Second-Place teams from each of Friday's pools) – Seabury Arena 1
Bronze Pool (Third-Place teams from each of Friday's pools) – Seabury Arena 2

Gold Pool                                                            Silver Pool                                          Bronze Pool
10:00     White 1 vs. Blue 1                                            White 2 vs. Blue 2                            White 3 vs. Blue 3
Noon     Red 1 vs. Blue 1                                                 Red 2 vs. Blue 2                                 Red 3 vs. Blue 3
2:00        White 1 vs. Red 1                                             White 2 vs. Red 2                             White 3 vs. Red 3

For directions to the Seabury Center, please visit:

If you are unable to make it to the tournament, stay tuned to to view the stats and see how the teams are stacking up.