Athlete Spotlight: Evan Hackney

Athlete Spotlight: Evan Hackney

Nate: Describe the change from Georgetown College to Berea College in terms of baseball.

Evan: I felt more welcome here at Berea, overall I've felt like I have better relationships with my teammates here. I also enjoy that we get to play some of the teams in the Mid-South and AAC that I would play at Georgetown- I get to keep some rivalries. Coming here also allowed me to focus on academics much more.

NM: What is it like to be one of only four seniors on the team?

EH: A majority of teams that I've been a part of have been upperclassmen heavy. All of us seniors have a larger responsibility to teach the younger guys how to do it at the collegiate level. Being in these shoes is interesting- and I try to embrace it.

NM: In terms of improvements from this past season to now, what have you tried to personally focus on?

EH: I worked all summer on seeing the baseball a lot more out of the pitchers hand. I'm trying to focus on the job that needs to be done at the plate. I've figured out what I can and can't do in my at bats- and that helps me play my best.

NM: As one of the home run leaders in the USCAA, what is it like, since not many who will read this have done it, hit a home run?

EH: Ha, I'd equate it to dunking in basketball or throwing a touchdown. It's one of those things you work for, and you just love to have it happen. You don't always try to hit it, but when it does, you feel so…alive. It's like a rush of energy through your body seeing it go.

NM: What are your goals for this season?

EH: A winning record, and follow suit with the rest of BC athletics and make a run at the USCAA national tournament, while having a great time doing it. Fun is still what it's all about.

NM: Sadly, baseball will end at some point in our careers, what are your plans after the season, and your career, is over?

EH: I plan on attending EKU's accelerated MBA program. I ultimately want to become a human resource manager. I interned in an HR department in the summer, I got to help people, and I love that. I really could see myself doing that for a very long time.

Be sure to check out Evan and the rest of the Berea College baseball team at the BC Sports Complex. For scheduling information of their games, check out