Berea Finishes 9th

Berea Finishes 9th

By: Michael Akard, Sports Information Assistant 



9th Berea College 320, 326: 646

22 Michael Akard 77, 79: 156

T25 Isaiah Bolon 76, 82: 158

T36 Jeremiah Bolon 83, 78: 161

53 Dong Soo Lee 84, 87: 171

56 Zach Withers 101, 95: 196                     

57 TR Nolen 96, 103: 199


The Berea Mountaineers kicked off the 2019-2020 campaign Saturday at the Dick Park Invitational. The first day showed potential for the Mountaineers with scores of 76 by sophomore Isaiah Bolon and 77 by junior Michael Akard. The top 4 was rounded out with an 83 by Sophomore Jeremiah Bolon and an 84 by freshman Dong Soo Lee. Senior Zach Withers and Freshman TR Nolen experienced a tougher days with a 101 and 96 but looked to bounce back on Sunday.

                The second day saw a little bit of a regression for the Mountaineers. Michael Akard and Jeremiah Bolon led the team with a 78 from J. Bolon and 79 from Akard. Isaiah Bolon and Dong Soo lee experienced some setbacks with 82 from I. Bolon and 87 from Lee, but both battled hard to the end. Zach Withers had a six shot improvement from the first day to fire a 95, and TR Nolen battled hard but the breaks would not go his way on the second day.

                The Berea Mountaineers placed 9th out of 10 teams as look to bounce at the Stateline shootout in Cincinnati, Oh on September 21-22.