Franklin and Hanover top the Mountaineers

Franklin and Hanover top the Mountaineers

Score: Match One: Franklin 3, Berea 0, Match Two: Hanover 3, Berea 0
Records: Berea 0-5, Franklin 3-4, Hanover 5-2

Hanover, IN – Berea College fell to both Franklin and Hanover College during the Mountaineers' tri-match this Saturday.

MATCH 1: Franklin 3, Berea 0 (25-22, 25-17, 25-22) 
Berea's first set of the day was a close one, with Franklin only winning the set by three points. It was back and forth as Berea pulled ahead 17-14 before Franklin came back after a few kills and was able to hold off the Mountaineers for the set win.  
During the second set, Franklin came out hot earning 19 kills compared to the Mountaineers' six to help the Grizzlies go up two sets to zero.

The final set of the match was as closer as the first with both teams taking it down to the wire. After facing match point, a kill from the Grizzles gave Franklin the victory.

Hannah Headrick led the Mountaineers with six kills and nine digs. Katherine Gonterman and Kristin Barnes both had five kills each.
MATCH 2: Hanover 3, Berea 0 (25-17, 25-8, 27-11)
Berea came out on fire in the first set, going up 7-3. The Mountaineers held the lead until the 11th point when Hanover tied the game. From there, the Panthers went on a five point run and were ahead for the rest of the set.

During the second set of the match, Hanover dominated from the start taking with a 25-8 score.

The Panthers led the entire third set of the match. Berea got within five points multiple times throughout, but the Panthers took the final set for the 3-0 win.

Carolina Robles led the Mountaineers with four kills, while Hannah Headrick led the Mountaineers with nine digs. 

Up next, the Mountaineers travel to Transylvania University to face the Pioneers on Tuesday, Sept. 11th at 7 p.m.